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Water is Life
Car Show

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Thank you, sponsors, car owners, and everyone who attended the show!


Our generosity will make a difference! 


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To become a sponsor, fill out this form or contact James Christensen at (360)536-2446 

What is Water is Life?

An estimated 790 million people live without access to clean water in our world. We are a small group of people with a vision and a dream to help at least one community access clean water. We found an organization with the same passion called WorldServe International, with headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. WorldServe International believes that clean water and sanitation for Africa is a crisis we could see solved in our lifetime, and they are not alone! The World Health Organization has set a goal to see universal and equitable access to clean water for ALL by 2030. 

Every year, WorldServe sees over 100,000 people experience life change through our large-scale, sustainable, solar-powered water projects. It’s remarkable what happens when dedicated business people, professional athletes, government, and ministry leaders unite to make this happen. WorldServe has nine directors and one president on staff. All directors serve without compensation. 

Our individual goal is to raise enough money to dig a well, which is $35,000. 

To help achieve this goal, we will be hosting a Water is Life Car Show Fundraiser.

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