NOVEMBER 18, 2020


Hello Bridge Church:

A few hours ago Governor Walz announced a new phase in Deal Back Minnesota. We are excited that our church will not be affected by these changes, but our hearts hurt for the many businesses in our community that will be hurting because of these changes. 

We know that some of you don't like masks, we understand and don't like them either. BUT for this time we are asking you to be diligent in wearing one at The Bridge, whether on Sunday mornings, during small groups, or at Bridge YTH.

We are making the difficult decision to then ask you to join us online for the next 4 weeks if you are not comfortable wearing a mask. We totally get it but are asking you to help as we work hard to honor our governor and communicate during this dial back.

We will continue to clean and sanitize prior to our services on Sundays and Wednesdays.

We praise God we still get to worship together and we want to continue to open our doors for whoever is searching for Christ. BUT we would humbly ask, as your pastors, that if you are experiencing any symptoms at all or have been knowingly exposed that you stay home and enjoy our service online. 

If you have any questions, please email

God is in control,

Pastor Chris and Pastor Derek



November 2020


What is up Bridge Church Family (even if you are new-welcome)!

Join on Sundays at 10:30 AM for in-person service.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we will be following these guidelines:

·      We will maintain adequate supplies (e.g., soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer, tissue) to support healthy hygiene practices.
·      We encourage you to practice good hygiene by washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.
·      Please limit restroom use if possible.
·      We will clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched before/after services.
·      We will follow guidelines to have no more than 50% of our building’s capacity present at one time.
·      We ask that families sit together with six feet of sufficient spacing between other families/individuals.
·      Children’s classes or nursery are available.
·      We encourage everyone to avoid shaking hands or giving hugs.
·      Entry doors and the doors into the auditorium will remain open during service to avoid touching door handles.
·      No bulletins will be handed out. Please find any info on
·      We will provide a central location for the collection of tithes and offerings rather than passing offering plates. Offering envelopes will be available in the chair racks. We encourage you to continue to give online or give by text.
·      Though we love the unleavened bread for communion, communion will now be served in individual packets per person available at each seat.
·      Face masks are required by the state of Minnesota in all public buildings. Masks are not required for those with disabilities or special health needs. We have face masks available. 
·      If you are sick or uncomfortable in attending, please stay home and enjoy the service online!
·      We strongly encourage the most vulnerable to stay home and enjoy the service online.

We have missed seeing each one of you. You are so dear to us and we cherish each moment we have with you.

In Christ,

Chris Vincent


Address: 6443 Norris Lake Rd. NW

Nowthen, MN 55330


Telephone: 763.753.2134

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